Friday, December 5, 2008

more stills

As promised more stills from the project
first, Carlos as the barkeep in the cantina scene,
second still is from a stare down shot...yep yours truly,
third a collage of the costumes before dirt and grime...
Nina and her husband Steve dirtied, dusted and grimed
all the costumes the morning off the shoot...they all
looked awesome! The costumes were pieced together from off the shelf pieces I bought at discount stores, some pants were just jeans
that I added the silver buttons on the sides (botonadura, the correct Spanish name) and the buttons were just cheap jacket buttons I bought at a discount hobby store...The hats on the other hand, I had to purchase at a specialty store in San Antonio...
same with the holsters they were bought at the Mercado
in San Antonio, the gauntlets I bought really cheap and added
details myself...same with the jewelry and necklaces...
I made most of them myself...the weapons were something else
I bought 3 replicas Colt Cavalry type and added details myself and
those were the hero guns for close ups..
the other guns were molded off a Single action Ruger Redhawk (modern gun), my friend Marcus Laporte
pulled the mold for me and I painted them..I know I could of pulled molds off
of the replicas but I did not want to take any chances at clean up... but when holstered
they looked authentic...I will post some pictures of the guns later.

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